bigger than my bucketPicture from ‘Grow Gardens, not Lawns’  a FB page.

I don’t recommend blue barrels for drinking water as previous use may be Poison

”Useless eaters ”  said by one of the Elete  & This country is letting die,  making medical Asistance unavailable to many & More… Video made in Ameka  but can relate to OZ.

Lone parents will not be celebrating the New Year today as cuts to their benefits take effect and leave them up to $223 a fortnight worse off.

The Australian Council of Social Service and National Welfare Rights Network say reducing access to the parenting payment will have “the greatest impact on people trying to survive on low incomes”.

The measures, introduced by the Gillard government to claw back $728 million in budget savings over four years, will impact as many as 80,000 people from today.  1/01/2013

”National Welfare Rights Network vice president Kate Beaumont also said students will be hit by government changes to Austudy.”

This at a time when Ameka’s  tumble over the Cliff is affecting all who come in contact with Them..

The Gillard Government appears to improving the welfare of the Native Australian  but the money is coming from cut backs in other welfare repentant benefits.

Poisons What Poisons?

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Eugenics is the study of methods to improve the human race by controlling reproduction. The word was coined in 1883 by Francis Galton, a cousin of Charles Darwin. Galton believed that the proper evolution of the human race was thwarted by philanthropic outreach to the poor when such efforts encouraged them to bear more children. Charity upset the mechanism of natural selection. Hence, the human race needed a kind of artificial selection: eugenics. The word is from Greek for good birth. Galton wanted eugenics to develop from a science to a policy to a religion.”

Gun Control makes it easier to Cull the Population

budget, Empethy, government, power, War, water

Will Twenty Thirteen to be a Happy one for Australians


2 thoughts on “Will Twenty Thirteen to be a Happy one for Australians

  1. Even the Long Grass People ~ get moved on..

    Adding a few more..Video on Sociaology

    ”Published on 4 Oct 2012
    The launch of ‘Voices of WIPAN.’ The event officially launched the WIPAN discussion paper ‘Dreaming of a Safe Home: Consumer and Community Worker’s Perspectives on Housing and Support Needs of Women Leaving Prison in NSW’. The event also launched the WIPAN Mentoring Pilot Project Report and the WIPAN DVD ‘Through the Tunnel and See the Light’.
    Hosted by the Hon Catherine Cusack MLC
    Introduction by Cassandra Goldie CEO ACOSS.
    Wednesday 19 September 2012
    Theatrette, Parliament House, Macquarie Street, Sydney.
    Filmed and edited by Joshua Belinfante
    I hope to add more videos from this speaker ~

  2. “even for long grass ” the owner of the property downward delegates its maintenance duties to the tennant and if tennant in a social condition where its a difficulty these $900.00 per day mob use a corporate court to make citizens voluntary compliant or lose their residences/domociles

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