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The Latest Road Conditions


Rail transport is also at a standstill.

If it’s flooded, forget it.

Every year people are hurt or die trying to cross or play in flooded waterways like roads, creeks, dams, parks or backyards. Never enter floodwaters and discourage others from doing so…

Prem. Newman promises Rocky  won’t be left out

PREMIER Campbell Newman told Rockhampton Regional Council he was there to get them what they needed on his whirlwind tour of the region yesterday.

Yeppen Crossing expected to remain open during flood peak

UPDATE 1PM: ROCKHAMPTON Regional Council has released an update on road conditions around the region.  (Photo)

Andrew Mead, Principle Extension officer – DAFF , John McVeigh, Paul Neville, Warren Truss, Keith Pitt (candidate Hinkler), John Cobb, Ken ODowdcontributed

Noon: THE Bulletin is receiving reports that the North Burnett area has just been declared eligible for the Australian Government Disaster Recovery Payment.

More to come

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Who runs the neighbourhood centre?

Who runs the neighbourhood centre?

The neighbourhood centre is run by a management committee.

The committee is made up of the chairperson, secretary, treasurer and other committee members. They are elected by the centre’s general membership at the Annual General Meeting according to the constitution or rules.

The committee members are voluntary workers.

They meet usually once a month and make all the decisions about the running of the centre.

Because the neighbourhood centre is funded by a government department, the committee is responsible for accounting for the funding. It oversees the employment of the paid staff and paying the bills.

The committee makes all the decisions about how the centre is used by the community. (not one person)

In community action and campaigns the committee get support from other organisations and talk to politicians and the media.”


having any authority to harrass another member..



From Love Luck’s book  ”Fear of the Unknown”


Egg based Shots..


Piers Morgan in 2011
Born Piers Stefan O’Meara
30 March 1965 (age 47)
GuildfordSurrey, England[1]
Nationality British
Education Chailey School
Alma mater Harlow College
Occupation Broadcasterpanellistjournalist,talk show host
Years active 1985–present
Employer South London News (1985–88)
The Sun (1989–94)
News of the World (1994–95)
Daily Mirror (1995–2004)
Known for Newspaper editing
Television work
Height 6 feet 1 inch (1.85 m)[2]
Television Britain’s Got Talent
America’s Got Talent
Winner of The Celebrity Apprentice
The Dark Side of Fame with Piers Morgan
Piers Morgan On…
Piers Morgan’s Life Stories
Piers Morgan Tonight
Religion Roman Catholic
Spouse(s) Marion Shalloe (m. 1991 – 2008)‹See Tfd› (divorced)
Celia Walden (m. 2010) ‹See Tfd›
Children Spencer, Stanley, Albert, Elise
  Eamon Vincent O’Meara (deceased)
Gabrielle O’Meara
from this video..

‘Revenge of Gaia’ a Modern Horror Story
“The Revenge of Gaia,” by James Lovelock, Basic Books, August, 2006; 177 pgs.
By David L. Brown
If you enjoy horror stories, here is a fascinating book that will keep you up late at night. The plot involves a dire threat to the very existence of all human life, as our very own Mother Earth turns against her own creations.
James Lovelock is an environmental scientist known for his theory of Gaia, the metaphoric idea that the entire Earth is a self-regulating entity that responds to change in ways similar to those of living species of plants and animals. I do not intend to go into detail about the theory here, except to remind readers that there is much evidence that the concept of Gaia provides an accurate metaphor for the ways our planet has found to maintain the conditions required by life over more than three billion years. Those interested in knowing more can read Lovelock’s previous works, or the informative book The Coevolution of Climate and Life by Stephen H. Schneider and Randi Londer (1984).
In his latest book, Lovelock paints a gloomy picture of the near future, a time during which he now believes that global warming is about to rise precipitously, creating an ecological disaster that will make many parts of the planet unable to sustain life as we know it.
Basic to Lovelock’s theory is that the natural features of the Earth — such as forests, unbroken prairies, marshlands and peat bogs — are essential elements in the planet’s ability to maintain climate within the bounds required for life. By claiming those natural features for itself — burning or cutting down forests, plowing up prairies and meadows for monocultural agriculture, and draining wetlands — humankind has severely wounded its home planet, perhaps beyond the point of salvation. CONTINUED AT..



Piers Morgan gives me the Horrors.. you gessed it..  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u_srLsECzGY

Army Life.




Norm from Life Be In It

Norm first came to view on television in 1975.. who did the sketches,  Alex Stitt


Two pioneering designers have had their life work recognised. James Button reports. in the age

Alex Stitt was born with a pencil in his hand. He adored cartoons, so he drew Superman and Donald Duck. He went to Melbourne High School, but on his first day he learnt that they enrolled classes alphabetically and the art class was full. That night he told his parents he wouldn’t go there. He went instead to South Melbourne Tech, then to RMIT. In 1957 he made one of Australia’s first animated television commercials, for Silver Star starch. He was 20 years old.

At Channel Nine’s animation studios, Mr Stitt met Bruce Weatherhead, another illustrator and graphic designer. In 1964, they founded the graphic design firm Weatherhead and Stitt.

In a 10-year partnership they designed advertisements, books, games, toys, film posters and titles. They invented the Icpota man (for the classified pages of The Age), who stillappears in this newspaper. They helped Fred Schepisi produce his first films. They built the Jigsaw Factory, a Disney-free magic kingdom for children.

After the two parted ways in 1974, Mr Stitt went on to create Norm, the crude but compelling couch potato, for the Life. Be In It campaign.”

Phillip Adams, who as an advertising executive commissioned Mr Stitt for the campaign, says he is “a genius, the most under-recognised bloke in the country”.


Citizens Against Fracking

Fracking fricing enough


Gasfields are springing up across NSW as energy companies deploy a poorly understood and regulated drilling technique – coal seam gas mining – to release methane trapped in coal seams. Despite a growing body of evidence linking CSG mining to drinking water contamination and reports of ill health from residents living near the gasfileds, energy companies like AGL and Origin are rushing to get the gas without waiting for all of the research to come in or for proper safeguards for important areas or communities in place.

CSG and “Fracking”

Talking points about CSG

Premier O’Farrell’s broken CSG promises



Cash strapped single mothers v elete & powerful

Photo from the Telegraph of Mr & Mrs Ross Turner.
Enjoying the status of Canberra Ball for MP…


KERRY Davies is one of the single mothers John Howard decided to spare when he embarked on the first tranche of the welfare-to-work reforms.

Back then she was “grandfathered” and allowed to keep receiving her payment. Now, under Labor, she will lose her single-parent’s pension because her daughter is eight, the new cut-off age at which single mums will now be forced on to the dole.

In a radical change to the welfare regime, from January 1 all parenting payment recipients, who stayed on the payment under Mr Howard in 2006, will be assessed under the new rules.

It means next January, 72,000 of these parents will go on the dole. Overall, the change will affect 147,000 people.

The rules, which were leaked before the budget’s release, have been judged too harsh by Labor Left MPs.

Ms Davies rents a house in Melbourne’s inner northern suburbs where she lives with her daughter, Aleda.”      http://www.theaustralian.com.au/national-affairs/treasury/lone-parent-loses-her-pension-there-goes-the-rent/story-fndbwnla-1226351404890   continuing:

She already works, and as a result receives only part of the single-parent’s pension. Working 20 hours a week in the community sector, she receives $130 a week from Centrelink in the form of a parenting payment.

She says she expects that amount to dramatically diminish now that she will be pushed on to the dole.

the remainder got lost in the editing.. and censorship..


Dr Ross Turner… omitted from original pic.


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Cash strapped single mothers v elete & powerful


Living in A_MeriK


While Attenttion is drawn to Ameaka what is Ameka doing in other parts of the world.. a QQueation I ask myself every time the media dramatises a local incident of theirs …


The Ameaka says he will not meddle in his neighbour’s disputes, but Ching sees it otherwise.. More detail at youtube’s site~~

The next film shows the build up of troops in the area~

Turn your eyes closer to home
Aussie Aussie~

Problems on their border..

** watch this area of the Pacific*

20..12..12  Update/ http://theconversation.edu.au/memo-stephen-smith-there-are-us-bases-in-australia-and-they-are-expanding-8622


Darkness of Syria Now – NATO Sponsored

  1. SYRIA: Atrocities committed against Christians by US-NATO supported “Opposition” Rebels

    This report by Agenzia Fides confirms a process of ethnic cleansing directed against the Christian community in Syria. Christians who refuse to leave are killed by “opposition” rebelsQusayr (Agenzia Fides) – The Christian Maurice Bitar was killed in Qusayr, near…

  2. SYRIA: ATROCITIES COMMITTED  BY US-NATO SPONSORED "OPPOSITION": Executioner for Syria's Rebels Tells His Story


    Ample evidence of crimes against humanity committed by the US-NATO sponsored rebel brigades, largely integrated by mercenaries.

  3. Christians ‘emptied from Middle East’: Western Supported Terrorists Involved in Ethnic Cleansing

    by: Rowan Callick

    Syrian Christian abbess, Mother Agnes-Mariam de la Croix, pictured at St Patricks church in Melbourne during a visit to Australia. Picture: Stuart Mcevoy Source: The Australian

    THE mother superior of a 1500-year-old monastery in Syria warned yesterday…

  4. Sectarian slaying: Syrian rebels attack Alawites, Christians – reports

    The ongoing conflict in Syria is becoming increasingly sectarian amid reports that rebel fighters have attacked a housing compound for employees of a power company, killing 16 civilians, mostly Alawites and Christians.