Two floods in Two Years

Happened then in 2010 & again in 2013.. ” The Queensland flood is such the Dairy Man & Woman is tipping the milk out as the Tankers cannot reach their Farms.. ”


Bundaberg was asked to take what they could carry, even advised what they would need & most of North Bundaberg could not comprehend the magnitude of the water would overwhelm & even drown those in its path .  The Area surrounding Bundaberg  is small crops,  citrus & sugar  farming.

I visited one of these farms on my way south in September 1997.. it was or has been one of the largest citrus farms in Queensland

Note:  Orchard citrus are Grafted trees on a rootstock.. of a wild citrus variety.  Unlike your  home grown varieties that are grown from seed they lack a strong deep root, makes the trees vunarable to being blown over or as in this case demolished by wind & water.

I worked in a Packing Shed, Emerald Qld 4720..  between 1993 to the year 2000, in season.  Here is a later model packing shed/machines.

2010 Emerald Qld December 2010 Seen it all Before, but not as Large as This.

There may be more on the Plight of Farmers verses Mining

Just how disappointing Newman Government has been..


3 thoughts on “Two floods in Two Years

  1. http://www.themorningbulletin.com.au/news/regions-mines-release-water-fitzroy-basin/1734952/
    “We know that six mines were approved to release more than 712 million litres into the Fitzroy catchment on 25 and 26 January,” Save the Reef spokeswoman Dr Libby Connors said.

    “Another 35 mines were permitted to release water without giving their volumes.

    “If they release at a similar rate it will be adding 4800 megalitres of additional water, that’s almost five billion litres into the already flooded Fitzroy River system.”

  2. Australian Water Holdings has extensive connections with the Liberal Party. In the past five years it has donated at
    least $80,000 to the Coalition, and has used Michael Photios, a member of the NSW Liberal Party’s state executive,
    as a lobbyist.

    Mr Di Girolamo said he had also held meetings with other members of the NSW cabinet, including the
    Water Minister, Greg Pearce, and the Treasurer, Mike Baird.

    Read more: http://www.smh.com.au/nsw/icac-seizes-on-australian-waters-link-to-obeid-family-20121216-2bhj2.html#ixzz2H9vHE8HN


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