No Not Mind Control, Ms Plibersek

One of the most interesting
connections with lupus is its
link with fluoride over
consumption. As has already been
demonstrated in this journal,
fluoride is one of the most toxic
substances around and has a
direct effect on the immune
system (Comp Med Res, 1992; 6:
111-3; Eur J Clin Invest, 1992;
22: 659-61; see also WDDTY, 1992;
3 (9): 1-3).

For a person who is
already suffering from an auto
immune disease such as lupus, the
effect can be to worsen the
disorder. For the rest of us,
flourosis may provide yet another
clue as to why the body suddenly
goes haywire.

Lupus is a connective tissue
disease. Some 30 per cent of our
body’s cell protein is made up of
collagen. Research from the All
India Institute of Medical
Sciences has found that fluoride
disrupts the…   continue reading at


WANTED: Tanya Plibersek MP.
Guilty of Crimes Against
Humanity. Responsible for
poisoning 22.9 million
Australians with the toxic
industrial waste – fluoride.
Crikey. What a yarn. The Federal
Health Minister poisoning the
entire population? The
International Criminal Court
better clear some room.
It’s bollocks, of course. But it
was right there on South
Australian independent MLC Ann
Bressington’s Facebook page.
Along with a comment about
lynching Ms Plibersek. Charming.
Ms Bressington was just one year
into her eight-year term when she
said she was fed up with being a
pollie, but she’s starting to
look like she will not go quietly
when her term is up next year.
That’s a shame.
She is dedicating considerable
time and energy to promoting
fringe conspiracy theories, anti
-scientific thinking and outright
Recently she gave a rambling
speech about the Club of Rome and
Agenda 21, about shadowy figures
creating crises such as global
warming to condition us and
control our lives. If that sounds
garbled, then it’s an accurate
reflection of the entire speech.
She has been posting about
communism by stealth and dragging
other bits of flotsam and jetsam
out of the murky depths of the
Then there’s the fluoride stuff.
I asked her if the accusation
against Ms Plibersek was a joke
and she replied that fluoride is
a toxic poison. She said she
didn’t post or share the image,
which suggests her Facebook has
been hacked. Probably another
Independent Senator Nick Xenophon
is remaining diplomatically quiet
about his former comrade, who
coasted into Parliament on the
coat-tails of his popular vote.
Sometimes, ignoring these things
is the best option.
But not when we have a public
figure, on the taxpayer teat, in
a position of power, in a climate
where every now and then the
conspiracy theorists get to
influence public policy.

In Queensland, the Newman
Government has revoked compulsory
fluoridation of water to appease
people who believe it is
poisoning us – or worse, part of
a government conspiracy to
medicate and control us.
Ms Plibersek reassured The
Advertiser there was no mind-
control conspiracy in the water,
just fluoride, one of “the most
effective public health advances
in decades”.

I suspect there’s something in Ms
Bressington’s water.
Something toxic in MP Ann
Bressington’s fluoride claim”or
Tory Shepherd
From: The Advertiser
March 01, 2013 12:00AM
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4 thoughts on “No Not Mind Control, Ms Plibersek

  1. to see this woman rise from being the defendant for the Dept of housing along with carol raschilla for discrimination then the registrars ignore evidence placed before them, and to see her direct tennants to ring the tennants help line when she had a lap top in front of her? a socialist fabian who shows us she really cares for those that pay her ages

  2. http://hsionline.com/2009/07/13/gardasil/
    Gardasil’s grim death toll is on the rise

    Climbing numbers

    After watching my video about the dangers of Gardasil, I received an e-mail from an HSI member named Tosca, who’s affiliated with the Renew-You Centre for Wellbeing and Longevity in Australia.

    Tosca writes: “I would like to pass on the word re Gardasil to our patients. Can you let me know your sources for the statement that 32 girls have died?”

    The source for all reported adverse effects linked to Gardasil is the FDA’s Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS). But unfortunately, 32 is no longer the total number of deaths associated with Gardasil. According VAERS, that number has climbed to 47.

    And while the death of 47 young girls is the worst of it, there’s plenty more to dislike about this very dangerous vaccine.

    Gardasil Vaccine Victims and Deaths – Did You Know?”

    ( produced by http://www.DutyToInform.org )

    * * * * * *

    This short powerpoint identifies the risks and benefits of Gardasil.

    Parents sue after Quebec teen dies following Gardasil vaccination

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