Dirty Water or Just Poisonous Undrinkable Slop

Is the water making me ill? I don’t drink it but, bathe in it, wash my dishes n clothes..
Quote/ ”NEW analysis of the waters rushing through the Fitzroy River in Central Queensland show it had too many metals – including aluminium, iron and manganese – to be considered drinkable.–

The State published results of its “enhanced environmental monitoring program” online, showing levels of the three metals “exceeded the drinking water aesthetics guidelines”.——
But a government spokesman said results showed no adverse affects from any mine water releases”.http://www.themorningbulletin.com.au/news/research-finds-water-rushing-fitzroy-undrinkable/1778668/
Government says: (Last updated 21 February 2013) This program provides an independent collection and analysis of water samples at key sites along the Isaacs and lower Fitzroy river which have the potential to be impacted by the pilot mine releases (Figure 1).http://www.fitzroyriver.qld.gov.au/monitoring-program.html Water is sold to councils, they in turn charge residents .. State Government Housing has its own rules.!! What ever State …
A resident in Blackwater (town water comes from Bedford Weir Mackenzie River which flows into Dawson R then to Fitzroy..All the same undrinkable slop! http://www.cqnews.com.au/news/still-no-solution-to-dirty-water-problem/1771120/ Dysart water also from Bedford Weir.


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