What have I swallowed with my food

I am searching through this harvest advice to see if the burr like irritant I am passing was in my breaky cereal?

Page 9:18  may show it is a  type of clover..

Was my cerial 1/2 price because of too many foreign seeds?

Small foreign seed 1% Charlock (Sinapis arvensis), Ball clover (Trifolium glomeratum), Fat hen
by weight or volume (Chenopodium album), Fescue (Festuca spp), Hares Ear (Conringia orientalis),
Hedge mustard (Sisymbrium officinale), Horehound (Marrubium vulgare), Knotweed
(Polygonum aviculare), Lesser Canary grass (Phalaris minor), lettuce (Latuca spp),
Lucerne seeds (Medicago sativa), Maltese Cockspur (Centaurea melitensis), Medic
seeds (Medicago spp), Milk thistle seeds (Sonchus oleaceus), Amsinckia (Amsinckia
spp), Australian Phalaris (Phalaris aquatica), Bladder Soapwort (Vaccaria hispanica),
Yellow Burr Weed (Amsinckia spp), Wild Canary Grass (Phalaris canariensis), Canola
or rapeseed (Brassica rapa), Slender Celery (Apium leptophyllum), Dock (Rumex
spp), Mustard (Sisymbrium spp), Indian Hedge Mustard (Sisymbrium orientale),
Paradoxa Grass seed (Phalaris paradoxa), Pepper Cress (Lepidium spp), Ryegrass
(Lolium spp), Wild Sage (Salvia verbenaca), Salt Bush (Atriplex muelleri), Sorrell
(Rumex acetosella), Sow Thistle (Sonchus spp), Mediterranean or Wild turnip
(Brassica tournefortii), Urochloa Grass (Urochloa panicoides), Verbena (Verbena spp),
Wild Radish seeds (Raphanus raphanistrum), Wire Weed (Polygonom aviculare),
Sheep Weed (or white ironweed or corn gromwell or stone weed) seeds
(Lithospernum arvensis), Marshmallow


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