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Agora an Ancient Roman City

Thumbnail for version as of 15:19, 22 June 2006Agora, Izmir, 3 Ocak 2007 tarihindeki sürümün küçültülmüş hâliİzmir Clock towerМиниатюра для версии от 19:48, 3 октября 2006

the foot of the highest hill in Izmir is the restored Agora,

I heard of the movie of the same name advertised yesterday.

Movie review can be seen or read on



Rated MA

Review by Margaret Pomeranz

AGORA is a sword and sandal epic of a rather different kind. It’s set in Alexandria in the 4th century AD where Hypatia, RACHEL WEISZ, teaches science and philosophy at the famous library. Her student Orestes,OSCAR ISAAC, is in love with her and so is her slave Davus – MAX MINGHELLA. But for Hypatia the world of the mind is everything. Outside the hallowed walls of the great library there is turmoil as Christians begin to challenge the pagan theology of the Roman Empire.

This is a rare film about something. ALEJANDRO AMENABAR has used the story of Hypatia allegorically to celebrate rationality and despair of extremism. He’s also been daring in rising up from the authentically created world of Alexandria to take a Google earth view of this centre of civilization.

RACHEL WEISZ is beautifully dignified as this woman who, centuries ahead of Galileo, grappled with the constellations and earth’s relationship to the sun. But within the film is also a powerful story of politics, religion, loyalty and love.”

The woman who brings it to life, Rachel Weisz ~~

Photo of Rachel Weisz


One thought on “Agora an Ancient Roman City

  1. Today we have

    Rome still Rules in its dirty way,, water won’t clean..
    Quote/ the vatican has basically taken control of Jerusalem and wants all of the holy sites. They intend to rule the world from Jerusalem. The abomination that maketh desolate. While everyone looks to the white house for peace in the middle east the vatican has taken over behind the scenes.”

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