Bluff, Central Queensland – Talbot, Shand, Gorman & Chan

Nothing new under the sun. Just what has Nuttel on Beattie.. Nuttel remains in prison whilst Rudd n Beattie enjoy their 100 days.

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Researching Harold Shand – case still pending in Qld Court… due again 2011. I came across a story in the Australian re Ken Talbot.. Oh what a tangled web!

”But during the late 90s, something unusual happened that was to start a trail that would lead to criminal charges and a radically changed life.

The Liberal-National Party Coalition was in office. At 11.52am on May 12, 1998, an ALP backbencher from Brisbane, Nuttall, rose in state parliament to make a strong speech about “the questionable dealings and behaviour” of Talbot, who had won an exploration permit for a coal area in central Queensland against another syndicate.

Nuttall brought up Talbot’s connection with Bond, talking about “the days of deals done in brown paper bags between corrupt National Party figures and shady businesspeople of the ilk of Mr Talbot and Mr Bond”.

For good measure, Nuttall then quoted from Family Law…

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