My Radio won’t Work


2012-12-12 14.48.23Whilst chatting on Skype..  Pete goes because his radio won’t work while chatting… So I e-mailed the following..
Looking at tenancy ..
And of course, there’s lots more owner-occupiers than public housing tenants. By our count of the ABS data [that is, the Housing Occupancy rates and the correct households data from the Census], Australia’s 5.2 million owner-occupier households have between them not less than 8 million spare bedrooms.
As they (gov.)  were asking for private owners to be generous & take in STRANGERS OF DIFFERENT CULTURE  etc.. I put I had ONE BEDROOM  on my census.. the others are SEWING ROOM,  WALK IN WARDROBE,  etc  ALL AVAILABLE SPACE  can be guest room,  but even family can be hard to live with…. eh? 
search web for empty homes OZ  not forthcoming.. Also trying to send to wordpress*
tried posting to google +  now…

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