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  1. The Abbott government was ”committed to providing motivation and support for the unemployed”, Mr Andrews said.
    Mr O’Dowd, Prime Minister Tony Abbott and Mrs Rinehart have also been contacted to respond.
    After his comments were widely reported on Thursday, Mr O’Dowd expanded his attack on welfare recipients, saying there are too many people who cannot be bothered finding a job.
    Mr O’Dowd said he hoped Mr Andrews would ”drill right down into the hole” and stop people scamming ”the system”.
    ”I’ve got nothing against aged pensioners,” Mr O’Dowd told Fairfax Radio on Thursday. ”They’ve worked sometimes 50 years or longer … But I think, until you’ve put into the system, how can you really fairly justify taking money out of the system?”
    Asked whether he could survive on the Newstart unemployment allowance of $36 a day, the Queensland MP said: ”Well, I’d rather have a job. I’d go to where the jobs are and get a job.”

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    For your information, Kenneth, I WAS HELPING A MATE!

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