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Poll finds older drivers have greater concentration | Rockhampton Morning Bulletin

ONLY 60% of drivers concentrate when they are behind the wheel, according to an overseas poll by IAM/Vision Critical of nearly 1500 drivers.

However, there was good and bad news in these research.

The good news is that older drivers are much less likely to lose concentration while driving. Seventy-three per cent of over 65 year-olds say they concentrate on the road all of the time that they are driving. Twenty-six per cent said that they concentrate most of the time.

The bad news is that 50 per cent of younger drivers aged 18-24 admit to not concentrating on driving 100% of the time. Not far behind, 47% of 24-34 year-olds admit to not concentrating.

Nearly a quarter of drivers (24%) say that simply daydreaming was the most common reason for not concentrating. Among 18-24 year-olds the figure is 30%.

Other reasons given for not concentrating include stress (22%), thinking about what you will be doing when you arrive (21%) and thinking about family, friends and personal relationships (21%)


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83-year-old driver Graham Kelly concentrates behind the wheel, and is happy to have annual medical checks to maintain his driver’s licence.

Poll finds older drivers have greater concentration | Rockhampton Morning Bulletin.


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