Pollies Perks Water and LIes

Just one back benches making noise, yet doing little to help those who ‘do hard Labor & heavily burdened.

peter's space

above is a photograph of tanya plizerebek working for the dept of housing
with a connected to the internet, lap top and mobile phone, whilst seated
behind a desk in supposid readines to serve the public. Or so one might think.
In actuallity, upon my informing her re a housing matter, instead of her
entering the details on to her lap top and providing me with a job number,
I was instructed to use the foyer phone, explain the job to the person on the other end, obtain the pertinant job number and provide it to tanya, which i did and
i observed her enter the number i obtained from the foyer phone into her lap top.


Similarly today we see her 2nd in charge of the labour party, doin her job
in every way she can to oppose the government, not actually help run the
country effectively and efficiently…

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