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    Remember when the Greenies  told you that Oil was in short supply, and that there are to many people on the planet 
    WORRY  WORRY  FEAR  FEAR… The DOH promised rainwater collection tanks,  and with all the  rain we have had non of it has
   been collected/stored for future use. But the desalination plant is still sucking up all that energy  that your subsidising vide your  higher power bills…..
    take a look at all the oil vide satellite……
   arnt you a little bit  tired of being told one thing when in fact another is the Real Truth…
  And the above is only  one of the many oil rigs around the world  that has/ is ?   leaking.
 DONT BELIEVE  ALL THEIR HYPE    Especially teh crap that Carbon is a pollutant,  The  ETS has been shelved and it should stay that…

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The Oppressed Taxpayer Down Under

This describes the other side of the coin. Since the LNP came into power, ( just over a year ago) the government both state & federal tell the people that we must cut back on Welfare. But why, you lot are just managers & if you read this piece by PeterB Dunn You will come to the conclusion, we the people are being ”Diddled” enslaved.
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The Oppressed Taxpayer

You the taxpayer, who’s parents taxes paid for the buildings, out of which your
indentured, on a stipend, public servants,give service to their wage payers from within,
along with all the paper work , computors, safety equipment, uniforms, vehicles
and everything else a public servant,(official), is privy to using during the course of
their employment in return to their wage payers for the wages they recieve.
Now ill mention the superannuation packages your sevants are privy to that are
three times that of which you are entitled. And how you may well ask and
where do they get the monies from, for that.

Well, if you are a PAYE taxpayer

your taxed before you get your net pay, then there are all the taxes

GST, tobacco, alcohol,road taxes, licence fees,traffic and parking fines,
speed camera fine revenues, ect ect ect that are imposed upon you and your…

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New York, the unfinished city

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by Sandy Ikeda

A friend from France, who is both an artist and an economist, on a visit to New York last year said she loves this place so much because every time she comes here she always finds it new and interesting. Well, couldn’t you say that about any great city? Apparently not.

Thomas Bender’s The Unfinished City: New York and the Metropolitan Idea observes:

Those who have Paris or Vienna or Budapest or Mexico City or Buenos Aires (or one of many other cities) in their minds as proper metropolitan centers will be disappointed by New York. From such a point of view New York has not yet completed its progress to full metropolitan status. But that perspective radically mistakes the case. New York’s character is to be unfinished. It is not a failed or incomplete example of something else; it is sui generis…It’s very essence is to…

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Turtle Fact #8: Changing Shell Color

Color my world.

Underneath The Shell

In respond to Aunt Deb’s question:

You did? Both of you changed color?….Hmmm. We will have to see what the winter time brings to me for time. Is your mommy going to post new pictures of you with your new colors?

Aunt Deb xx

I asked Kame to let me write this Turtle Fact, you might not notice that this is Kame’s department…my department is Herptile Spotlight…but, for once I want to do this because Aunt Deb asked the question to me not to Kame  😉

We, red eared slider, look so green when we were baby. Everyone thinks that baby RES is the cutest, so green and so tiny. Almost all baby RES look as green as this picture below: (it is the picture of our long cousin named Ipin, she/he lived in Padang with Mommy’s cousin)


However, that green color will not stay forever

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Karen Nakamura – The gas connection to death and destruction

Saved for my own reading..

We Write What We Like

As a little flotilla passes overhead, the Leviathan Reservoir slumbers deep below. A vast oil and gas deposit, little has been said about it in the American press since its existence was confirmed in 2010. But Israel is ecstatic, Lebanon is vigilant and Gaza is getting screwed.

Job 3:8 “Let them curse it …who are ready to raise up a leviathan,” i.e. necromancers who rouse and control wild beasts at will… In Isaiah 27:1; “leviathan  the piercing serpent, even leviathan that crooked (wriggling) serpent,” (Gleaned from Bible-history.com.)

“In Israel’s deep waters, in virgin territory, a monster natural gas discovery has been made.” Noble Energy CEO Charles Davidson.

“With Israel suddenly awash in gas… the discoveries put Israel on the global energy map long dominated by oil-rich nations in the Middle East.” Houston Chronicle  Jan. 5, 2010.

According to Press TV (June 18,) Noble Energy was granted permission by Israeli officials to…

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