Random Choice.. still relevant.

peter's space

    Remember when the Greenies  told you that Oil was in short supply, and that there are to many people on the planet 
    WORRY  WORRY  FEAR  FEAR… The DOH promised rainwater collection tanks,  and with all the  rain we have had non of it has
   been collected/stored for future use. But the desalination plant is still sucking up all that energy  that your subsidising vide your  higher power bills…..
    take a look at all the oil vide satellite……
   arnt you a little bit  tired of being told one thing when in fact another is the Real Truth…
  And the above is only  one of the many oil rigs around the world  that has/ is ?   leaking.
 DONT BELIEVE  ALL THEIR HYPE    Especially teh crap that Carbon is a pollutant,  The  ETS has been shelved and it should stay that…

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