Islamic Council of Victoria pulls out of meeting with Abbott

Why don’t they crawl back to hole they crawled out of..

Aussie Madness

Hyper-sensitive Hyper-sensitive

What is it about Islam that makes Muslim leaders so easily offended? Answer: it is an essential part of the stealth jihad waged on Western nations – take offence at anything and everything, and then demand concessions and special treatment.

Try doing that as a Christian in Iran or Saudi Arabia and see how far you get.

Here is a quote from the ICV press release:

It is with extreme disappointment then that the ICV noted the comments made by the Prime Minister on Sydney radio station 2GB prior to his meeting with Sydney community leaders. The Prime Minister’s comments were ill informed and inflammatory. Once again the Muslim community, with no justification whatsoever, was challenged about its role in Australian society.

No justification? Seriously?

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You are entitled to access a copy of that record if it is about you!

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Doctor took the medicare fee but wouldnt fill out a form

On Tuesday 5th August 2014 I took a disabled parking permit form, from the RTA
for the Drs at
Inland Medical Centre – Forbes 2871, Lachlan st, NSW
to sign for me to lodge back at the RTA, But instead,
after showing the DR my drivers licence,
disability pension card, and my attempt to wiggell my left toes
i was issued with a blood sample form and i was told it would cost me to
obtain my own medical information,
that i provided from the specialist, to the Medical Practitioner
upon request , at No Charge in the 1st instance.
So much for their duty of Care or their due dilligance,
instead of them ringing my old Dr,
No service just take the medicare
fee and you ring your old Dr and get him to send up your records…

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BLOODROOT: the amazing herb that removes warts, moles and skin tags – a video documents how.

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Named for a flower whose blood-red sap possesses the power both to heal and poison. American Indians used bloodroot for red dye, the treatment of skin conditions and as a tonic for coughs, sore throats and ulcers. In the early 19th century, folk medicine began to use bloodroot to treat skin cancers, warts and skin polyps.

Bloodroot is a very powerful herb and the paste, also known as Black Salve is used alternatively with medicine practitioners who believe have the capability to cure a wide variety of skin problems, including cancerous tumors, skin tags, moles and warts.  The paste is made from a basic set of natural ingredients.

Bloodroot is popular in the removal of skin tags. Skin tags are benign, harmless growths on the uppermost surface of the skin. They are generally flesh-colored bumps attached to the skin by thin stalks. They most often occur in skin folds that…

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