From Soverign to serf and Constitutional matters

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The Constitution- Dick Yardley

Dick Yardley joins us to discuss his research into the Constitution, ‘In a Geographical sense’. Together we discuss historical changes made to the Constitution and the establishment of subsequent ‘Acts’, developing a new layer of Statute Law by which the Government, Courts, Bureaucracy, Police and all organs of the State now implement their will on the people.


26 November, World Bank Whistle Blower Reveals Jesuit Plot. KAREN HUDES,




I read the following in the Australian 9/6/14

“Our social engineers with their nanny state mentality have much to learn – but unfortunately we all pay for their very costly experiments.”


Australians will have to become like Icelanders, Remember the debt the bankers attempted to foist upon the icelanders and the subsequent incarceration of certian bankers?… Well australia time to Iceland Up! Did you consent to the social experiment to spend your…

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