Sunnah Style Dolls (and their makers) featured in SISTERS Magazine

Get your paints ready & give them faces.

A Clichéd Life

A 'lil Spectrum from Rainbow Babies Dolls A ‘lil Spectrum from Rainbow Babies Dolls

Coming across a fatwa suggesting that it was best to melt the features off of a child’s toy doll was understandable to me, yet still disturbing. I understand and respect the good intention behind the suggestion, but was horrified by how potentially damaging that could be for a young child who feels a deep connection to their baby doll. It’s not even necessary to take this drastic, toxic (melting plastic is toxic, don’t try it at home!) measure when there are so many ‘sunnah style’ (faceless) dolls available on the market and relatively easy to make. In the years since I read that fatwa, I have come to learn that there is a wide variety of approaches to doll play for children taken by Muslims.

Aisha Dolls

No dolls to any dolls
Some parents think it is impermissible to keep dolls, like other…

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