The Jesuits in Geopolitics – Leuren Moret

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Ep 584 The Jesuits in Geopolitics – Leuren Moret

22.01.15 Leuren Moret joins us again for part 2 as discuss the history and influence of the Jesuits – The Society of Jesus or the Vatican Assassins within geopolitics, economy and religion worldwide.

Together we discuss the bloodlines of ancient families including the Astor, Hapsburg, Palhavichini, Brokenspear, Kerry, Albright, Clinton’s and others. We discuss the ancient battleground in Ukraine and the diverse culture being destroyed by the Jesuits running the CIA and the Pentagon.

We discuss the use of Cultural Marxism to destroy culture, and color revolutions funded by Soros and run by Nuland and other. We discuss the Jesuit MO in overthrowing nations in history and today.


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Jehovah Witnesses Promoting “One World Government”: Pamphlets For Upcoming Events Ask “Who Qualifies To Be Earth’s Ruler”.

Invite me to your meetings & tell me sit at the back. No one will speak to you, just like you were in the gutter down the street.

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SCROLL DOWN FOR NEWS LINKS AND VIDEO: Is The Jehovah Witness Church promoting the idea of a One World Government? Who is the one that they feel qualified to rule the Earth? An apostasy and falling away is happening across the world. It is not only infecting America. Churches seem to be warming up to the idea of a universal church for all believers to come together under one roof. The call for a world government has never been more embrace. When the time comes a world ruler will arise that will lead many to the slaughter. Prophetic implications are happening now and they are springing forth from…

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