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Green Fields Beyond

V BeachInvasions of one kind or another are fodder for historians and writers of alternate fiction. Any brief review of alternate histories on Amazon will show multiple books dealing with Germany winning WWII or the South winning over the Federal forces in the American Civil War.

In most of these stories there will be crucial battle that turns the war. Often it is Operation Sealion were the Germans win or the invasion of Salerno going wrong. An invasion of Hawaii in 1941/42 often shows up.

What is missing is any mention of the great and possible invasions and landings in The Great War. From 1914 to the end of the Russian Civil War/Russo-Polish War there were many opportunities to have changed the course of these conflicts. These cover the world to include the North Sea, Mediterranean Sea and Asian and African waters.

This list is one that started with a singleā€¦

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