Malcolm Turnbull’s dirty laundry of fraud & theft will destroy the Liberal Party if elected leader

Came back for more Cherries

Kangaroo Court of Australia

Malcolm Turnbull was the key decision maker when he gave a dodgy $10 million grant to his friends just before the 2007 election while he was still the Environment Minister in the Howard government. This puts Turnbull in the same club as the corrupt Eddie Obeid, Arthur Sinodinos and others.

Obeid is looking at jail time after being charged by the police and Sinodinos had to resign yet some people want to make Turnbull the Prime Minister.

This one point alone makes Mr Turnbull an easy target and the Labor Party will attack him on it as they have previously. I wrote about some of Malcolm Turnbull’s dodgy past in 2012 and covered the $10 million scam. It worth raising again as it has never been resolved, will be an issue again if Turnbull is elected PM and also given the current anti-corruption political environment. (Click here to read the 2012 article

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