Mr Geoff Woods Are you lying or just misinformed?

Where Peter was living 2012. Housing NSW

peter's space

and about 12.20pm on 12/12/12 they send another contractor without 1st sending a letter re another inspection after one was done only 7 mths ago? me thinks after reading this post they send a social oligark out to invate tennants privacy once again so much for human rights.
  Well WEll Well,  In a letter dated 19 November,2009 to MP, Nooreen Hay You write to her
     “Housing NSW has not recieved any documentation from Mr Dunn in relation his compensation claim.:   the last sentence of paragraph  3 of said document
     and that  “Mr Dunns fly screen door meets with  Housing NSW standards and will not be altered”     Last sentence paragraph  5 that one
      So  either you  are hiding the fact that on the  26 February, 2009  Housing NSW sent me a letter re CFU No9; 364587 and on the  20 and 23 March , 2009 i…

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