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Illegally built units in Emerald | CQ News & Some

Council seeks advice over illegally built units in Emerald | CQ News.

2013-04-04 13.23.42Not here, this is a 100+ home in Rockhampton from my files



OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThis is not Emerald either, I had only read of the condemned new homes. People use this as a home, in Buff,  where you can see it on your right as you drive west through the town..

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERABurning rubbish in my neighbourhood.  . regular occurence.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERACaravans are still the norm around our town.

Photo0010 B.DumpOur local tip.. Usually worse than this 2008 photo.

Had some new homes around Blackwater, which are on my Phone Camera n it is not hooked up to internet at present.

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”Typically over the U.S., fossil fuel burning is the main
cause of nitrogen oxides (NOx), which lead to the formation
of ozone near the Earth’s surface. However, above the
Earth’s surface in the free troposphere (3-8 miles high),
during the summer months, lightning activity increases NOx
by as much as 90 percent and ozone by more than 30 percent.”

Surprisingly, Lightning does have a use in Earths Chemestry.

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Brits stay home look after your own

Plenty of recruiters selling Australians out for quick Euro/dollar

Why they are building the ‘building boom’ I have ment them staying in ‘back-packer lodging’ & working in between ..nights as female impersonaters

Qld Housing Commission Units go to such needy fellows with couple of offspring.

A major review was announced last night into the Liverpool Care Pathway, the controversial ‘end of life’ treatment regime.

The Association for Palliative Medicine, which represents 1,000 doctors who work in hospices and specialist hospital wards, will ‘identify and explore concerns’ over the system of caring for patients in their final days.

The Mail has highlighted the growing fears of patients’ relatives and many doctors that the care pathway is really a way of hastening the deaths of terminally ill patients.

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Reply to P.B. Dunn down under

I have included one video..

LEFT THE KEYS IN VEHICLE … so keen to join the birthday celebrations#

The police van crashed into the Botanical Gardens gates.The police van crashed into the Botanic Gardens gates. Photo: Supplied

A 19-year-old man will face Brisbane Magistrates Court after stealing and crashing a police vehicle.

The man allegedly stole the police van when it was unlocked and unattended as officers resolved a disturbance at a nightclub on the corner of Edward and Charlotte streets which involved security staff and several patrons at about 2am on Friday.

The man drove the van along Edward and Alice streets before crashing into one of the gates of the Botanical Gardens before fleeing the scene.

Police dogs found the man a short time later…

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We’ll be sacking Campbell Newman in three year

Protest from Unions       From:The Courier-Mail

  • Phillip Coorey

    Phillip Coorey

    Phillip Coorey joined the Sydney Morning Herald in 2005 and is the paper’s Chief Political Correspondent, based in Canberra. Previously he was the Political Editor for Adelaide’s The Advertiser. He has been in the Canberrra Press Gallery since 1998, except for 2003 and 2004 when he was the New York correspondent for News Ltd.

    Gillard, Swan told to slow down or risk key policies

    Gillard, SwanPhillip Coorey THE rural NSW independents have told Julia Gillard and Wayne Swan to stop rushing legislation and playing politics with key policies or risk having budget measures blocked and even the Murray-Darling…

    Surplus measure put on ice

    Phillip Coorey One of the government’s key budget savings measures has been sent to a Senate committee and will not be debated in Parliament until later this month.

    Thomson turns his back on Labor

    Craig Thomson. Police from Vic and NSW fraud squads raid Craig Thomson's house in Bateau Bay.<br /><br /><br /><br />
Pic Nick Moir 24 oct 2012Phillip Coorey THE former Labor MP, Craig Thomson, has labelled his old party hypocritical and will vote against its legislation to excise the Australian mainland from the nation’s migration zone.

    Forget surplus, business wants growth

    Treasurer Wayne SwanPhillip Coorey Peak business groups have stepped up their call for the government to abandon its surplus promise rather than damage the economy with more cuts.


THERE’S no doubt about it. Gina Rinehart has dipped her toes in the Fairbairn Dam.

The world’s richest woman has approached numerous irrigators in the Central Highlands with the aim of buying water allocations, and it has emerged several have entered into deals with the Hancock Coal owner.

Dave McCullagh, of Codenwarra West, near Emerald, just signed a three-year call-back deal to sell his water allocations to the mining billionaire for $11 million.”

Heard of Gina’s Half Sister?
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Numb Chuck Australia federal government contributed $12.8 million

If Julia Gillard could have found a handy time warp around Sydney’s Fox movie studios, she would have crawled into it.

There she was, surrounded – as she put it herself – with some ”incredibly groovy people”…and the grooviest of them all, Hugh Jackman, suddenly sprouted the political equivalent of deadly claws.

Hugh, chuckling that he and Julia had indulged in a little rehearsal for the new version of Wolverine, the movie that has made him world famous, declared that Ms Gillard was enormously talented at martial arts.

AFR photo TAMARA VONINSKI. Actor Hugh Jackman (left) on the sound set of The Wolverine shooting (starts next week) in Sydney at Fox Studios.  The Prime Minister Julia Gillard was on the movie set today (right). 24/07/12/

Actor Hugh Jackman (left) on the sound set of The Wolverine with Prime Minister Julia Gillard

As a slightly quizzical look crept across the prime minister’s happy face, Hugh blundered on that she was very good with ”the nunchakus” – weapons consisting of two solid pieces of wood joined by a chain that have the ability to do frightful damage to opponents.

”…And of, course,” he spouted, ”With the sword.”

What was supposed to be a morning of reflected glory suddenly turned to a scene from a disaster film for Ms Gillard. Kevin Rudd himself could hardly have uttered a deadlier line.

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Had to be dragged away from Australia Day’s  Drama Session                          where is her Logie for this..