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Poll finds older drivers have greater concentration | Rockhampton Morning Bulletin

ONLY 60% of drivers concentrate when they are behind the wheel, according to an overseas poll by IAM/Vision Critical of nearly 1500 drivers.

However, there was good and bad news in these research.

The good news is that older drivers are much less likely to lose concentration while driving. Seventy-three per cent of over 65 year-olds say they concentrate on the road all of the time that they are driving. Twenty-six per cent said that they concentrate most of the time.

The bad news is that 50 per cent of younger drivers aged 18-24 admit to not concentrating on driving 100% of the time. Not far behind, 47% of 24-34 year-olds admit to not concentrating.

Nearly a quarter of drivers (24%) say that simply daydreaming was the most common reason for not concentrating. Among 18-24 year-olds the figure is 30%.

Other reasons given for not concentrating include stress (22%), thinking about what you will be doing when you arrive (21%) and thinking about family, friends and personal relationships (21%)


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83-year-old driver Graham Kelly concentrates behind the wheel, and is happy to have annual medical checks to maintain his driver’s licence.

Poll finds older drivers have greater concentration | Rockhampton Morning Bulletin.

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Outrage as school kids made to stand on 100kmh bus trip | CQ News

PARENTS of Crows Nest school children are concerned for the safety of their children on their daily bus trip to Toowoomba.

Tania Stanley wants Bus Queensland to provide a second service dedicated to the school bus run her son 14-year-old son Boydy and 15-year-old niece Pamela catch from Crows Nest to Toowoomba State High School.

She and fellow concerned parent Rebecca Goddard have written to the company to outline concerns about children standing for the duration of the New England Hwy trip.

“At the start of 2014, the school bus (service 302) was extremely overloaded with a huge amount of children forced to stand,” the letter read.

Outrage as school kids made to stand on 100kmh bus trip | CQ News.

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Flood Mitigation for Rockhampton south n west connection

Yeppen Lagoon Bridge and Roundabout
Media Release
05 March 2012
Joint release with:
Anna Bligh
Queensland Premier and
Minister for Reconstruction

The $85 million Yeppen North project will be constructed by Fulton
Hogan, Premier Anna Bligh and Federal Infrastructure and Transport
Minister Anthony Albanese announced today.

Ms Bligh said the project was scheduled to begin within months for
completion in early 2014, weather permitting.

If you can find your way through the maze of road works look further in
The company granted the contract for the ‘Yeppen North Project’

Coal Mine.traffic that uses these narrow  roads more and more.. Going by the time it has taken government to upgrade the Ipswich Motorway & more people clamoring for this upgrade

”Stiff to you”   central highlenders expecting anything as magnificent for Capricorn Highway..The old 66 now graded at A4  for Global Mapping Benefit..

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Truck takes out car on Ipswich Motorway


Published on May 13, 2012 by 

Queensland’s arterial link, the Bruce Highway, is neglected in the 2012-13 Federal Budget. Federal Member for Dawson, George Christensen, takes the Treasurer, Wayne Swan to task about failing to fund this vital piece of infrastructure that keeps the nation’s economy going.