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Morning Bulletin Rant on Squatting Citizens

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River dwellers’ treated with disrespect by community

Comments (56) » Austin King 21st May 2013 5:00 AM Updated: 22nd May 2013 10:09 AM


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» Police are being proactive in keeping CBD and river peace

» Walter braves minor stroke and returns to riverside family

Walter Reid enjoys a sunny day but finds it hard at times to crack a smile when people judge him before they get to know him.

Austin King

Wednesday 10.10am: WALTER Reid, the face of the vagrant “river dwelling” community, this morning had a heart attack.

The Morning Bulletin understands he was at the Rockhampton Police Station about 3am, moments before he had the attack.

This morning he is in a stable condition, a Rockhampton Hospital spokeswoman confirms.

Tuesday 5am: WALTER Reid carefully lets his lips meet his plastic Mount Franklin bottle, filled with a translucent yellow liquid that clearly isn’t water.

The smell and taste is all too familiar to him.

Just opposite Westpac in Quay St, Walter and his brethren soak in the Fitzroy’s aroma as they take in the world before their eyes and watch the people who run or sprint past them.

It’s almost a daily routine for Walter, who sips on his cask wine-filled plastic bottle, because there is nowhere else to go.

Yesterday, The Morning Bulletin spoke to Walter about living as a vagrant river dweller after Member for Rockhampton Bill Byrne last week launched a crusade to tackle street crime in the central business district.

Walter spoke out about how people, whether police officers or pedestrians using the river, treated Walter and other “river dwellers” with disrespect, even though they were not guilty of committing crimes.

He believes most people have a racial vendetta against him and his friends.

He doesn’t condone the actions of a small group of vagrants, who often cause trouble in the CBD. He feels many of them are young ones from out of town.

“Ask these people who look at us funny to walk in my shoes,” he said.

“The police are always hassling us, sometimes for no reason. I understand a few people are causing problems in town, but it’s not us older ones.

“I sit down here, I drink, we all drink, but we mind our own business.”

Walter, 61, grew up in Woorabinda. He moved to Rockhampton when he was 15 and has lived most of his life by the Fitzroy River. He finds shelter at the Michael Hayes Centre in Alma St.

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If Walter is not from the City, just squatting, it is possible he has come from the nearby settlement and a coach runs most days to and from city, otherwise they can go to Duaringa and catch the Government sponcered coach that travels Emerald to Rockhampton, return, daily.

I am not a resident, and as for ‘respect,’ it works both ways. Walter was born a year later that I and even though he was at a disadvantage, education was available. A pension ~ I have no doubts he collects that, and accommodation in the city is also available just for those in need like himself.

There is at


My recent experience with Homeless by choice..

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Brits stay home look after your own

Plenty of recruiters selling Australians out for quick Euro/dollar

Why they are building the ‘building boom’ I have ment them staying in ‘back-packer lodging’ & working in between ..nights as female impersonaters

Qld Housing Commission Units go to such needy fellows with couple of offspring.

A major review was announced last night into the Liverpool Care Pathway, the controversial ‘end of life’ treatment regime.

The Association for Palliative Medicine, which represents 1,000 doctors who work in hospices and specialist hospital wards, will ‘identify and explore concerns’ over the system of caring for patients in their final days.

The Mail has highlighted the growing fears of patients’ relatives and many doctors that the care pathway is really a way of hastening the deaths of terminally ill patients.

Read more:

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Greeks for Slaves in Gas Australia

The face of Australia’s Greek community is rapidly changing because of the economic crisis crippling Greece.

Immigration statistics show around 280 expatriates – mostly families and skilled migrants – have come back to Australia over the past year but the total number of Greek citizens in Australia is expected to be higher, with many more here on holidays.

The Honorary Consul for Greece in the Northern Territory John Anictomatis says there has been a huge influx of new Greeks in Darwin.

“For the last six months, the figures show that on average about 10 new arrivals a week are coming back to Darwin, whether it’s family groups or people coming back on their own before they bring their families back to Australia,” he said.

Drossos Tavlarios, 27, came to Darwin from his home on a Greek island after being unable to get work.

He says he is one of the lucky ones.

“Everything, everything is okay, very nice in Darwin,” he said.

Mr Anictomatis says he gets desperate calls from Greece every week.

“They’re mainly desperate about employment, their children’s future,” he said.

The influx to the Top End has prompted Territory Government minister Kon Vatskalis to call on the Federal Government to consider special working visas for Greeks who have been affected by the economic crisis.”

Prime Minister Julia Gillard has vowed a new feature to the Government’s skilled migration plan would ensure that that no foreign worker would take an Australian job in the mining sector.

This comes after union leaders lashed out at the federal government’s skilled migration plan that would allow mining magnate Gina Rinehart to bring in 1700 foreign workers.

In Melbourne on Saturday, Ms Gillard announced that a “jobs board” would be created that would give Australian workers information about what jobs were available in the resources sector.

“Yesterday I decided we would add to what we’re doing to make sure that Aussies are getting the jobs,” Ms Gillard said.

“Companies won’t be able to bring in foreign workers if there is an Australian ready, able and willing to do the work on the jobs board.”

This comes after Immigration Minister Chris Bowen announced on Friday the government program to allow enterprise migration agreements (EMA) would help mining companies find enough workers for their developments.  ”..also yahoo news..  but wait,  what if they have duel citizens??


Julia Gillard has promised no Australian worker will miss out on a job as a result of the Federal Government’s decision to allow mining magnate Gina Rinehart to import more than 1700 workers for an iron ore project in Western Australia.

“Companies won’t be able to bring in foreign workers if there is an Australian ready, able and willing to do the work on the jobs board,” the Prime Minister said in Melbourne this afternoon.

‘‘We will have a jobs board which will be a way for Aussies to know what’s happening in the resources sector and what the jobs are,’’ Ms Gillard said.

Read more:

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Suggestion from Federal Opposition that we have the Military Protect the Mining Industry
across Australia.. This means should the LNP win office next Term.. That is what we will have.

Question I am asking, Does this mean ‘Military Rule’ in the Mining Basins of AU?  — Isaac Plains’ history dates back to early exploration conducted initially by Utah Development Company in the 1960’s by Thiess Peabody Mitsui, and Queensland Mines Department in the 1970’s, and other smaller exploration companies. These explorers were mainly targeting the Moranbah Measures. ”

Government approves Japanese interest in Isaac Plains
Aquila Resources is close to selling its Isaac Plains coal mine interests after the Government confirming it has no problem with Japanese Sumitomo Corporation buying the stake.
Read full article see www. for more information on both foreign interests in the mining australia and proposed involvement of the Military..

When I read such articles as LEONORA HUMAN RIGHTS
OK.. the have it tough.. but with such a high percentage of Adventurers claiming
#difficulty to live in war torn country– when that is not their home country….
gets my suspicious mind going overtime.. Think, GOLD… YES, GODDEY GOLD

Gwalia Mine
The Gwalia mine is the cornerstone of Leonora operations with 2.0 million ounces of gold in reserves at a grade of 8.9 grams per tonne. After two years of redevelopment, the first gold pour from the operations occurred in October 2008 and a year later, the first 100,000 ounce milestone was reached. SEE FOR YOUR SELF… LEONORA OPERATIONS..

Other Countries Have Problems  .. for example
Pamela Ida

Empethy, Refugees

Jen Asked

My Reply:Sri Lankas – I did not hear an up roar like Aussies jumped to condemn the Indonesians & how they slaughter cattle they have bought!

The video of the 2008 war where 10,000 killed or misplaced – herded into camps, many came here on boats, and to India, Indonesia etc.  The Tamil soldier has a reputation, but the Sri Lankin Soldier had someone posing as Red Cross, then sent in to exterminate the hospital patients, i.e. if you watched the video, or 4 corners broadcast 4/07/2011.. 

I usually don’t, last night 11/07 .. watched the start to see what else this sensationalist broadcaster would come up with next.

Are they testing us.10s of Thousands were fleeing the middle east & landing on Mediterranean Island, Italy & others..Genocide ..

Something is brewing, something big, the hand of God??  Even a simple street march gets out of control & violence erupts from infiltrators whose only ambition is start a fight.

We have our Coal & Gas mines wanting more workers, they already have the ‘work camps’ built.  Our town folk kick up a fuss because of ‘work camps’ & want more homes.  

Would you want them living next door? –  In this small town, many homes now are 6 to a house, vehicles parked on lawns..

Would you want tempory workers from  Asia not able or willing to speak Australian Official Language, & they would feel foreign as they are sent home direct the job finishes, as they are done in China, working in a different provience. Nor allowed to fratenize with the locals there.  

Australia = Little China*
Canada Had more Compassion than Australia?

New window

To India.. still a rough ride

Close to home

Yet Australians are more concerned about Cattle Slaughter

cattle are bred for Human Consumption

Are Tamil bred for Slaughter??

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