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Au Go Go Whiskey


Online newspaper databases have been around for quite a while now providing users with an historic treasure trove of press articles from a wide variety of titles and from different periods in time.

The State Library of Queensland enables access to these subscription only newspaper databases via its website for e-service card holders. They include the Times Digital Archive 1785-1985 searchable by key word and including all articles, advertisements and illustrations and photos, Newsbank providing acces to full text articles from more than 230 Queensland, Australian, and international titles from 1998 onwards, Library Press Display which provides a full-colour, full page collection of today’s newspapers from over 70 countries around the world in 37 languages, and National Library’s wonderful Historic Australian Papers, 1803 to 1954 which includes The Courier Mail and The Queenslander.

Before the advent of online databases librarians in the John Oxley Library clipped articles of interest on a daily basis from Queensland newspapers placing these in folders with various subject headings. We still add to these files although the need to exhaustively cut from hardcopy papers is not as pressing as it was prior to the existence of the above mentioned digital resources.

On December 18, 2010 in the Sydney Morning Herald’s Good Weekend Magazine, journalist Frank Robson contributed an intriguing feature article “Family Secrets” on the subject of the 1973 firebombing of Brisbane’s Whiskey Au Go Go nightclub in Fortitude Valley. This firebombing resulted in the deaths of 15 patrons and staff making it one of the worst mass murders in modern Australia until the Port Arthur massacre in 1996.

James Finch and John Stewart “Whiskey Au Go Go Warning” “Stuart feared he would be set up” “Finch: confession a lie”

“Pistol threat, then death in nightclub” Oxley Reference Librarian, Trudy Bennett, looks through the Whiskey Au Go Go File.

John Stewart and James Finch were tried and convicted for the Whiskey Au Go Go murders and sent down to Brisbane’s Boggo Road Gaol were they continued to proclaim their innocence. Stuart died in prison in 1979.

In the article Robson interviews Danny Stewart, nephew of John Stewart, who claims that his uncle was innocent of the crime.

I’ve added this to the substantial clippings file we have on the “Whiskey Au Go Go Fire, 1973″ as the latest instalment on this horrific event and its aftermath. The pictures in the article do not appear in Newsbank, although the text does. If you see the pictures they certainly contibute to the story and this is one of the reasons I’ve added this article to our clippings file. It also complements the other articles in the file from titles like The Sun, The Bulletin, The Toowoomba Chronicle, The Courier Mail, and many others. Most of these articles are from the 70s and 80s and are not available online.

Newspaper clippings are of great value to researchers as they bring together articles on the same subject from different periods in time resulting in a greater variety of perspectives. The John Oxley Library collection also includes newspaper cuttings books and all Queensland newspapers. You can find out more about the State Library’s newspaper collections here.”

FORTY years after the deaths of 15 revellers at Brisbane’s Whiskey Au Go Go nightclub, there are fresh calls for an investigation into the notorious crime.
HeraldSun – Whiskey Au Go Go nightclub fire in 1973 once …
Whiskey Au Go Go nightclub fire in 1973 once Australia’s worst mass murder in 1970s trials … The first related to key evidence: … Upon hearing the news, …
New lead in Whiskey Au Go Go firebombing case – Breakfast …
Forty years ago today, 15 people died in the Whiskey Au Go Go nightclub firebombing in Brisbane’s Fortitude Valley.
Whiskey Au Go Go fire – Silobreaker
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The Sham of Hiring Contract Workers Australia Wide


This time a lot of the problems stem
from shonky employers using
AustralianBusiness Numbers (ABNs)
in an illegal manner. Workers who are
genuine employees are being forced
to become Sham Contractors by
using an ABN, alleviating the Boss
from paying their entitlements such
as Superannuation, Long Service
Leave, Holiday Pay, Sick Leave,
Redundancy and so on.
To make
matters worse, many employers are
being found paying these ‘sham’
workers as little as $8 an hour. In
turn, this is being used as a weapon
to drive down labour costs which
affects us all – not the least our
children and grandchildren in the
future. Also caught up in this is the
use of Visa workers, many of whom
are being exploited in the same
manner. In the North West of WA,
one group of visa workers were
being paid as little as $3 an hour.
These employer ‘cheats’ are also
tendering using ridiculously low rates”
[extract from
letter from Kevin Reynolds State Secretary CFMEU C&G WA]
Times like these I think maybe rule 303 applies
While the union is fined .. THE SHAM CONTINUES:
I could not find the details in any Queensland Publication .. this is dated 2011 {UNIONS have been stung with a $65,000 fine by the Federal Circuit Court of Australia for their role in strike action against construction giant Brookfield Multiplex at two Queensland sites including the Gold Coast Hilton project.

Fair Work Building and Construction (FWBC) director Val Gostencnik said the case related to unlawful industrial action taken by the CFMEU and the Communications Electrical and Plumbers Union (CEPU) in February 2011 over alleged sham contracting.

The court was told 37 workers stopped work for a day and a half at the Gold Coast Hilton site after CFMEU representatives told them Brookfield Multiplex was engaged in sham contracting, which involved wrongly treating employees as sub-contractors.

As a result, the worker might miss out on entitlements such as paid leave and superannuation. } recent @

1Brookfield Multiplex
Brookfield Multiplex is a global contracting and development company that designs, builds and maintains property and infrastructure assets.~ Wikipedia
Founded: 1962
Will conditions improve under the Kid’s rule eh

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