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The Oppressed Taxpayer Down Under

This describes the other side of the coin. Since the LNP came into power, ( just over a year ago) the government both state & federal tell the people that we must cut back on Welfare. But why, you lot are just managers & if you read this piece by PeterB Dunn You will come to the conclusion, we the people are being ”Diddled” enslaved.
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The Oppressed Taxpayer

You the taxpayer, who’s parents taxes paid for the buildings, out of which your
indentured, on a stipend, public servants,give service to their wage payers from within,
along with all the paper work , computors, safety equipment, uniforms, vehicles
and everything else a public servant,(official), is privy to using during the course of
their employment in return to their wage payers for the wages they recieve.
Now ill mention the superannuation packages your sevants are privy to that are
three times that of which you are entitled. And how you may well ask and
where do they get the monies from, for that.

Well, if you are a PAYE taxpayer

your taxed before you get your net pay, then there are all the taxes

GST, tobacco, alcohol,road taxes, licence fees,traffic and parking fines,
speed camera fine revenues, ect ect ect that are imposed upon you and your…

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O Dowd why I wasn’t at your chin wag.
Picture improved CWA hall Bluff.

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I was helping a a Mate

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The Sham of Hiring Contract Workers Australia Wide


This time a lot of the problems stem
from shonky employers using
AustralianBusiness Numbers (ABNs)
in an illegal manner. Workers who are
genuine employees are being forced
to become Sham Contractors by
using an ABN, alleviating the Boss
from paying their entitlements such
as Superannuation, Long Service
Leave, Holiday Pay, Sick Leave,
Redundancy and so on.
To make
matters worse, many employers are
being found paying these ‘sham’
workers as little as $8 an hour. In
turn, this is being used as a weapon
to drive down labour costs which
affects us all – not the least our
children and grandchildren in the
future. Also caught up in this is the
use of Visa workers, many of whom
are being exploited in the same
manner. In the North West of WA,
one group of visa workers were
being paid as little as $3 an hour.
These employer ‘cheats’ are also
tendering using ridiculously low rates”
[extract from
letter from Kevin Reynolds State Secretary CFMEU C&G WA]
Times like these I think maybe rule 303 applies
While the union is fined .. THE SHAM CONTINUES:
I could not find the details in any Queensland Publication .. this is dated 2011 {UNIONS have been stung with a $65,000 fine by the Federal Circuit Court of Australia for their role in strike action against construction giant Brookfield Multiplex at two Queensland sites including the Gold Coast Hilton project.

Fair Work Building and Construction (FWBC) director Val Gostencnik said the case related to unlawful industrial action taken by the CFMEU and the Communications Electrical and Plumbers Union (CEPU) in February 2011 over alleged sham contracting.

The court was told 37 workers stopped work for a day and a half at the Gold Coast Hilton site after CFMEU representatives told them Brookfield Multiplex was engaged in sham contracting, which involved wrongly treating employees as sub-contractors.

As a result, the worker might miss out on entitlements such as paid leave and superannuation. } recent @

1Brookfield Multiplex
Brookfield Multiplex is a global contracting and development company that designs, builds and maintains property and infrastructure assets.~ Wikipedia
Founded: 1962
Will conditions improve under the Kid’s rule eh

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