This is why psychotropic drugs have never cured anyone

A few of our recent posts have got me studying up on psychotropic

There’s a lot going on out there, and it’s scary, but it’s all bits
and pieces.
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> Making A Killing: The Untold Story of Psychotropic Drugging
> It’s the story of big money-drugs that fuel a $330 billion
> psychiatric industry, without a single cure.

> The cost in human terms is even greater as these drugs now kill
> tens of thousands of people every year, with bad reactions ranging
> from heart failure to suicide, and even homicide.
> Containing more than 175 interviews with lawyers, mental health
experts, the families of victims and the survivors themselves, this
documentary puts all the bits and pieces together in one place and
the picture is clear…


> http://www.brasschecktv.com/page/9480.html


1965 my first born taken for Adoption in Brisbane Qld Australia

part of the condition of sheltering at the ‘Home’ provided by God

Job 24 v 9: New International Version (©1984)
The fatherless child is snatched from the breast; the infant of the
poor is seized for a debt.
New Living Translation (©2007)
“The wicked snatch a widow’s child from her breast, taking the baby as
security for a loan.


“birth-” Mothers Exploited By Adoption – Homepage
Mothers (‘birthmothers’) exploited by the adoption industry, revealing
the truth about the forced/coerced surrender of our babies


Bipolar disorders are disabling and, for most
patients, recurrent illnesses. Lithium is the ‘gold
standard’ mood stabiliser in terms of efficacy,
but many patients find it difficult to tolerate.
The anticonvulsants sodium valproate and
carbamazepine are useful despite minimal
controlled evidence for their prophylactic efficacy.
The approval of olanzapine and lamotrigine for
maintenance treatment increases the choice of
drug therapy. These new drugs, in conjunction
with the development of effective psychological
interventions, mean that the clinician has an
increasing range of effective options to offer
patients with these disabling and challenging

Key words: carbamazepine, lithium, lamotrigine, olanzapine,
sodium valproate.

Extract from:

 If you believe that you can diminish your symptoms and recover from bipolar disorder, then you are much more likely to work hard to make changes which will result in a less intense symptoms profile, with a lifestyle conducive to good mental health.

Take heart! Many who have been diagnosed with bipolar disorder have been “cured” and haven’t had to resign themselves to a life of strong pharmaceutical drugs. Bipolar disorder is currently the most misdiagnosed disorder with more than an estimated 50% of BD diagnoses reportedly inaccurate.” quote from this very helpful web site





Protect Keppel Bay ..off the Coast of Qld at Rockhampton- Yeppoon

KAFDA FACT SHEET-S protect kepple bay.pdf Download this file

There is not one, but at least three known industrial developments
planned for the Fitzroy River Delta. One of which, the largest, kept
secret from the public until recently outed.
Each development increases in scale and indicates a progressive
degradation of the Delta Sheath.
Stop Development of Great Keppel Islands public land (Lot21) and a
Marina on Putney Beach – Sign the Petition!
Darlz Mackenzie just signed this petition on Change.org.
Great Keppel Island – The Peoples Island (Qld, Australia) One of the
most beautiful islands along the Capricorn Coast is in the cross-hairs
of a development company. With a planned 250 berth marina, 750 villas,

Pamela Ida


How is your Diamond Gusset

Alex the Jones from Austin Texas.. broadcast I hear this video being
demoted by the almighty goo goobble ..
Should be listed here too:
— happy viewing..

P.s. yes, the use of mentally ill and/or mentally deficient persons
maybe 5-6 year old brain in Adult Body..
give them a feed, clothed and drugs if that is what keeps them happy.
then get them to do your bidding, no matter how evil that is..
Pamela Ida


The Tactics Do fit the Scientology Profile


A woman who recently defected from the Church of Scientology has
claimed that she was held against her will and forced to spend almost
12 years touring the Caribbean on a cruise ship owned by the

Valeska Paris told a TV interviewer that she was 18 when she joined
the crew of the Freewinds, a vessel the Church describes as its
floating “cathedral” and which once hosted Tom Cruise’s birthday
party. She alleged that her passport was confiscated, and that, until
she was 24, she was prevented from setting foot on dry land without an

The claims were aired by ABC news in Australia, where she currently
lives. They have been strongly denied by the Church, who say Ms Paris
boarded the ship of her own free will and was perfectly free to leave.

Her troubled relationship with the organisation spans three continents
and several decades. Born in Switzerland, to parents who were both
involved in Scientology, she moved to the UK at the age of six, and
spent her formative years at the Church’s headquarters in Sussex.

After turning 14, Ms Paris graduated from the organisation’s youth
wing, the “Cadet Org” to its senior volunteer wing, the “Sea Org”. She
signed a contract agreeing to remain a member for the ensuing period
of no less than one billion years. Trouble began, she now claims, when
her mother defected from Scientology in 1995, and began denouncing it
on French television. Ms Paris says church elders then ordered her to
“disconnect” from her parent.

A year later, when she was 18, Ms Paris joined the crew of the
Freewinds. “I was sent to the ship for two weeks,” she told ABC,
adding that for a salary of $50 a week, she was often required to work
long shifts in the vessel’s engine room.

“It’s hot, it’s extremely loud, it’s smelly, it’s not nice,” she said.
“I was sent down there at first for 48 hours straight on almost no
sleep and I had to work by myself… I did not want to be there, I
made it clear I did not want to be there.”

Pamela Ida


Have Scientologists Abducted women & girls

It was in the late 1970’s early 1980’s when I would visit my Elderly
Farming Parents & brother.
I would get the bus to Ipswich with 5 youngesters. The baby a few
months old, and daughter almost 3 years.. Well dressed persons
offered a free trip to Sydney, just drop off the three older boys to
grand pa & keep going.. Now who would have money for that, and why
would anyone offer a country mum a free holiday for her and two
youngest children. No, no mobile phone those days, the bus could
have taken off with us still on it as the boys had disembarked with
their kit bags, pillowcase with a few clothes & treasures.


Only about 5 years after this offer, something similar. Referring to
the above, no I did not take it, bolted out of that Coach like the
devil was after me with both bairns under each arm, then grabbed my
bag & baby stroller .. my father relieved me of these putting on back
of his ford ute, and we all managed to bundle into the front bench
seat. No, there was no seat belts compulsory at that stage, my
skinny kids did not take up much room..


I had some work as a Merchandiser or Company Rep who priced and
stacked the product, and re ordered what was needed to replace sold
product.. Here I was shopping at local Woolworths near my family’s
home.. Older couple I often referred to as ‘god parents’ for I could
or never knew their name to give a name, too young to care when I
first met them.. So they were religious in their own way, always
thought them to belong to the Bretheren or Baptist Sects.. Still,
Scientology could still fit their profile.. An associate of theirs
was offering a position in Sydney, sounded too good to be true…
still this other lass who had no children nor husband .. said ”I
will, I would love that job”


I forgot the incident as unimportant, so used to this couple … like
water off a ducks back, their previous offers somehow ended in my
having panic attacks at the last minute.. Like the first offer I
mentioned, part from my children, after surrendering my first born
to the Adoption Industry,
no way hozay.. Later this lass went missing, no suspicion of who she
went with, car found, so use of bank accounts.. Just one phone
call to her mother a few years later, just a brief one ..hurried.
What are you thinking? Get a few minutes near a phone when with a
Sect that have lied to you, you want to call and get out of there..
Scientologists are in many countries, many wealthy members down the
years.. work it out for yourself..



Growing up on a farm directly affects regulation of the immune system, study finds

Growing up on a farm directly affects regulation of the immune system, study finds.

” the study, piglets were nursed by their mothers on a farm while their siblings spent their early life (from one day onwards) in an isolator unit under very hygienic conditions and were fed formula milk, therefore, reflecting the extremes of environment”

 Farm Moms May Help Children Beat Allergies(May 20, 2008) — Mothers exposed to farms, particularly to barns and farm milk, while pregnant confer protection from allergies on their newborns, according to a group of German …  > read more